What is PNAG?

The PNAG Rental Guarantee® is a contract which is signed alongside the rental contract, to guarantee the private individual or business that it's being adhered to, without the need for a lawyer, and eliminating all legal expenses. SPM Rentals & Property Sales is an official PNAG approved agency so our clients can be assured of a hassle free & professional rental service.

The PNAG Rental Guarantee® covers both parties (owner & tenant) legal rights and all terms outlined in the rental contract such as:

  • Non-payment of rent
  • Non-payment of utility and other bills
  • Damage caused to the property and/or it's contents
  • Renewal of the bank guarantee
  • Immediate recovery of the property in case of breach of contract
  • Unauthorized building work carried out in the property
  • Unauthorized sub-rental of the property by the tenant.

What's the cost?

The PNAG Rental Guarantee® has a one off price for each agreement.

The only additional costs are responsibility of the guilty party found in the arbitral sentence and are 90€ for expenses, and 55€ for administrative notifications.

Contact us today for more information and to sign up your property to the PNAG with SPM Rentals & Property Sales.